My Nightmare

It has been about a day, and now my nightmare has finally happened, my wife Kira Spress passed away from I do not know what. Last night Sunday night, I was doing some research, and I mentioned to Kira that I think she needs to go to the hospital because I had been putting a lot of steps together in what was wrong with her. Kira as always fought me, because if anyone knew Kira she did not like seeing Doctors or Hospitals. I went to bed alone in our bed because Kira had been sleeping on the couch, and when I woke up she was breathing, but I could not wake her up, so I figured she had been up all night as she had been. At 11 am, I could not get her up, so I panicked and called the paramedics, and they told me that they pronounced her dead at 11:37 am EST on June 26th, 2023

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